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Workshop: Automated cultivation on a microbioreactor



Dr. Stephan Endres, Till Olfers, Anna Kress

The m2p-labs application specialists will show the applications on a microbioreactor system and explain the technical specifications, features and consumables cultivation. Furthermore, they will set-up the analysis software, prepare the plates and carry out the data analysis.

Below topics will be covered:

·       high-throughput fermentations with the BioLector® bench top microbioreactor system,

·       online-monitoring of the most common fermentation parameters such as biomass, pH, DO and fluorescent molecules,

·       running up to 48 cultivations in parallel using standardized microtiter Round-Well or FlowerPlates®,

·       real time culture monitoring at a massive parallel scale,

·       implementing the BioLector® into a liquid handling system and upgrading it to a RoboLector® for fully automated experimental processes,

·       setting up exemplary processes including Design of Experiment (DoE) based media preparation and several signal triggered actions such as induction and sampling,

·       demonstration of the capabilities of the RoboLector® system,

·       hands-on guidance of the RoboLector® handling.

See, that automated fermentations with the RoboLector® allow far more elaborate and complex experiments in the lab than ever before!

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